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Hello World is the starting kit for a basic LWAS application.
It's an ASP.NET website with fully configured LWAS runtime. Make sure you have the dependencies installed, follow the steps bellow to set it up and you're good to go!


Dependencies checklist:
  1. Webserver running ASP.NET 2.0. Tested with IIS 7.5 and Visual Studio Development Server (Cassini)
  2. .NET Framework 3.5
  3. OPTIONAL Microsoft Sql Server, at least express edition. Note that any version starting with Sql Server 2005 will work too.

Installation guide

  • Download and unzip to a location accessible to your web server.
  • If your web server is IIS, configure an ASP.NET 2.0 application pointing at the unzipped folder
  • Grant write access to the App_Data folder to the account used by ASP.NET. Under IIS that account is IIS_IUSRS. For Cassini it will be your account
  • If you choose to run it with Sql Server, provide a valid connection string in the file App_Data\config\connections.xml.

Note for Sql Server: Make sure the application can access the database supplied in the connection string. If your web server is IIS grant access rights to your database to the account used by the application pool. Cassini on the other side will use your account.

How it works

First you have to pass over the login screen, for that use "admin" as username and "admin" as password.

The default page shown to authenticated users is simple and straightforward. It allows you to enter some text in the text box which will be displayed in a label upon pressing the only button on the screen.

The behavior explained above is a sample LWAS workflow and it has been implemented without coding but rather declaring it in the default.xml file found in the root folder.

Learn more

If you're interested to learn more about LWAS there's a Walkthrough available.

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