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World's first user driven database content management system.

Project Description

LWAS aims to provide the means for non-technical developers using just a web browser to create data-centered applications from user interface design through data flows and storage.
Based on webparts and ASP.NET 2.0, written in C#.

What to download?

LWAS applications are developed and hosted at If you have a lwas application and want to host it on your own please refer to this github repo for instructions and resources.

The Hello World! application is here. This is also the starting kit for a basic LWAS application.
Learn more about LWAS by following Walkthrough: creating the Hello World! sample
Redistribution release is the system core

Looking for source?

Source code has been moved to github.


I've reused Giorgi's code for math expression evaluation
Some commercial extensions (yet) also rely on SharpSVN.
Many thanks to all the guys contributing at stackoverflow.

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